Conditions of Enrolment

Students are required to have read, understand and accept the following conditions of enrolment before signing the Acceptance Declaration provided with the Letter of Offer.  Fees, conditions, course times, timetables, class sizes and course commencement dates may change without notice.  Agreement to these Conditions of Enrolment does not remove your right to take action under the College’s Complaints and Appeals Process or Australia’s consumer protection laws or to pursue other legal remedies.

All students must attend at least 80% of classes.  Student visa holders who fail to do so might be reported to the Department of Home Affairs.

Change of Address 
On arrival at the College Student Visa holders must provide their current contact details (including address, email and telephone number). Any changes to these details must be notified in writing within 7 days.

Change of Enrolment
The College reserves the right to charge a non-refundable Change of Enrolment fee of $100 where a student requires a revised Offer Letter or CoE.

Cost of Living
Living costs in Australia vary greatly. Students should budget a minimum of AU$20,000 per year for food, transport, accommodation, clothing and entertainment. Further information on living costs is available from

Deferment, Suspension or Cancellation of Study

Students may apply for a deferment of commencement of study due to compassionate or compelling circumstances. The College may initiate a deferment of commencement of study on the grounds that it is not able to offer a suitable class for a student at the time of the student’s initial commencement date.  Students may apply for a suspension of studies due to compassionate or compelling circumstances. 

Students who are the subject of College initiated Suspensions or Cancellations will have access to the College’s Complaints and Appeals process. Full details of the policies and procedures for deferment, suspension and cancellation of studies are available in the Student Handbook given to students on course commencement.

Student Suspension due to failure to make a payment 
It is a condition of enrolment that students pay tuition fees in advance. A student who fails to pay course fees as and when directed may be suspended from the College. No Certificate of completion/attainment will be issued until all course fees have been paid in full.

Dispute Resolution
In the event of a dispute, the student may enter the College’s Complaints and Appeals process. The student may subsequently lodge an external appeal or make an external complaint about a decision by contacting the Overseas Students Ombudsman through

General English (Evening) Course
Students enrolling in the General English (Evening) course are required to have, at a minimum, a Lower-Intermediate level of English (approximately IELTS 4.5).  On testing students at Orientation, those with English language ability below this level will be required to study in the General English (Day) course until they have reached a Lower Intermediate level. Students who do not test at the required level for entry into the GE (Evening) course will be issued an invoice for the difference in fees for study in the GE (Day) course. 

All students are required to attend Orientation which is held on the first day of class. Full details are available in the Letter of Offer.

The student (and where applicable, the parent or guardian) agrees to grant ELS Educational Services, Inc. and all subsidiaries, affiliated companies, franchisees and licensees, (collectively “ELS”) permission to use my name and/or likeness; and/or quotation (“the quotation”) and/or any writings I may create about my ELS experience (“writings”) as written below:

  1. ELS will own the quotations and the writings, the still photographs, audio and/or video footage in which I appear, and the words spoken in the video footage, and have the unrestricted right to publish said photographs and use such video and the quotations and the writings in any ELS marketing and promotional materials, on all ELS websites, and in any other ELS material, including ELS-sponsored and authorized social media locations and feeds, and shall have the right to license agents and other third parties to do the same – including, without limitation, Berlitz Corporation and its subsidiaries, affiliated companies, franchisees and licensees, branded or identified sites and pages within Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social media and internet destinations.
  2. This grant is intended to be worldwide in scope and to apply to all media now existing or hereafter developed.
  3. ELS may display the quotation and the writings on any ELS website or blog, and in printed promotional materials for the purpose of promoting ELS programs, products and services, and may license to agents and third parties the right to make such uses on behalf of ELS.
  4. ELS shall not alter the quotation (other than editing for space considerations in a manner that does not alter the meaning or context) or the form of attribution. ELS may edit the writings for clarity and to ensure conformity with any applicable guidelines or standards in a manner that does not alter their meaning or context.

School-aged Dependents
School-aged dependents who accompany a student to Australia may be required to pay full fees for their schooling, whether they enrol in a government or a non-government school.

School Code of Conduct
Students are expected to follow the reasonable instructions of College staff and adhere to the College’s rules as detailed in the Student Handbook, made available to students at Orientation. Students will be subject to possible suspension and/or expulsion at the absolute discretion of the College (subject to natural justice, and except as otherwise implied by law) for persistent and/or serious infringement of the Student Code of Conduct.

Students under 18 

A student under 18 years of age NOT accompanied by their parents or living with close family members while in Australia and intending to apply for a student visa must have their proposed accommodation and welfare arrangements approved by the College prior to their enrolment being accepted.

Study Breaks
Student visa holders over the age of 18 enrolling in General English and/or Academic English may apply for a maximum of 5 weeks study break within or between courses, which must be arranged on application. Further details are available from

Refund Policy
Applications for refunds must be in writing addressed to General Manager & Principal, ELS Universal English College or email Any refunds payable under this policy (with the exception of those payable under ‘PROVIDER DEFAULT’) will be made within 4 weeks of receiving the written refund application. A course is defined as the total period of study for which the student has enrolled in. Students receiving a Registration fee waiver or discount will have the full amount deducted from the final amount payable.

More than 28 days before course commencement 100% of tuition fees, textbook/materials fee and OSHC /OVHC will be refunded
Less than 28 days before course commencement 50% of tuition fees. 100% of textbook/materials fee and OSHC/OVHC will be refunded
Cancellation on or after course commencement No refund of tuition fees or textbook/materials fee*
  1. Course commencement refers to the initial single course or a combination/package of courses, revised offer letters included.
  2. Registration fee is non-refundable in all cases.
  3. Cancellations are not effective until notified in writing.
  4. Course fees are not transferable to another person.
  5. A student unable to commence their course because of visa refusal, and provided the visa application was made before the course commencement date, the College will refund all prepaid course fees, minus 5% of the fees or $500, whichever is less. The refund will be made within 28 days of the College receiving a copy of the official visa rejection letter.
  6. A student who requests a transfer from a more expensive course to a less expensive course after the original course commencement date will not be eligible for a refund of the difference in the course fees, other than as required by the ESOS Act or the National Code.
  7. Students who take the ELS Academic English pre-course test to assess their English level will be required to take a placement test on arrival and those who the College determines has a lower level of English than their pre-course test result will be placed in a lower level course. No refund applies in this situation. Students who enter a higher level course will be eligible for a refund of tuition fee only, less a $250 administrative charge.
  8. In all cases of suspension and/or expulsion of students due to non-compliance with the Student Code of Conduct, no refund of monies paid to the College will be made unless required by law.
  9. A student enrolment cancelled due to unsatisfactory attendance or academic progress and will not be entitled to a refund of fees.
  10. Student holiday breaks are included as part of the study period for the purpose of refunds, with the exception of a pre-arranged study break between and within courses.
  11. Refunds for enrolments made through an authorized agent of the College may be paid to the agent.

Provider Default
If the College does not offer an advertised course in which a student has enrolled in, or withdraw the delivery of the course prior to its completion, the College will offer to place the student in an alternative course at no extra cost to the student. The student must advise us in writing to accept the offer or choose to be refunded the unused portion of prepaid fees. The refund will be paid within 2 weeks from the date the College ceases to provide the course.

Homestay/Airport Transfers
Global Experience is our preferred Homestay and Airport Transfer provider. Please visit their website for their refund policy on homestay accommodation and airport transfers:  Where a student breaches the Student Code of Conduct at the College which results in expulsion, or student behaviour in homestay is deemed as unsatisfactory, homestay accommodation may be cancelled. No refund of paid homestay fees is refundable in this case. Unacceptable behaviour might include but is not limited to the following: violence, use or distribution of illegal drugs, anti-social behaviour, sexual abuse or harassment, or criminal activity.

Third Party Residential Accommodation 
The notice period for cancellation is determined by the accommodation commencement date and includes students cancelling due to visa rejection.

29 days or more Full refund of accommodation fees
21-28 days 2 week cancellation fee
14-20 days 3 week cancellation fee
Less than 14 days 4 week cancellation fee
Accommodation Placement fee No refund in all situations

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) & Overseas Visitor Health Cover (OVHC)
For a student who has not yet arrived in Australia, the College will refund OSHC/OVHC. All other cases the OSHC/OVHC provider will arrange the refund subject to the student completing an application for refund.

Indemnity Declaration
By signing the Declaration in the Offer Acceptance the student (over 18) or the parent(s) and/or legal guardian(s) of a student under the age of 18, agrees that the College, its officers, teachers, employees, representatives and agents shall not be held responsible and/or be under liability as far as permitted by the law of the Country of Australia and/or will not make any claim against them for the student’s death, harm, bodily injury, disability, loss, damages and/or property damage which may be sustained by the student and/or which may be caused by the student in connection with or during the period of the student’s attendance at any premises owned/leased, operated or controlled by the College, the student attending and/or participating in activities and/or excursions and/or in any accommodation arranged for the student. Further, the student (over 18) or the parent(s) and/or legal guardian(s) (for students under 18), agrees to pay any direct and/or indirect costs incurred by the College in relation to these activities where a student attends and participates in activities and/or excursions (whether sporting, cultural, social, educational, recreational or otherwise) organized by or on behalf of or with the assistance of the College or of which we have knowledge. Under 18’s only: The parent(s) and/or legal guardian(s) further consent and agree that the College at its absolute discretion may when it considers it desirable and/or essential seek and provide medical and/or optical and/or dental treatment for the student. In such cases, such costs whether direct and/or indirect will be met by the parent(s) and/or legal guardian(s). If the College has been obliged to incur costs on behalf of the student in such circumstances the costs will be repaid to the College by the parent(s) and/or legal guardian(s) on demand. The aforementioned shall also extend to executors, administrators and assigns of the signatory.